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The Municipal Water District of Orange County is a wholesale water supplier and resource planning agency that serves all of Orange County (except Anaheim, Fullerton, and Santa Ana) through 28 retail water agencies. We purchase imported water from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and distribute it to our client agencies, which provide retail water services to the public.

The Municipal Water District of Orange County is committed to providing a reliable supply of high quality water for Orange County. Working closely with Metropolitan and our client agencies, our staff looks for opportunities to improve Orange County’s water resources and reliability. By integrating local planning challenges and regional stakeholder partnerships, MWDOC maximizes water system reliability and overall system efficiencies. We work to expand Orange County’s water supply portfolio by providing planning and local resource development in the areas of recycled water, groundwater, ocean water, and conservation. One example of these efforts is the South Orange Coastal Ocean Desalination Project, which seeks to develop south Orange County’s local water supplies. Providing our client agencies with value-added services, we offer assistance on demand projections, mapping, urban water management planning, rate structure development, and water shortage mitigation plans.
Dana Point Harbor is located just north of the proposed South Orange
Coastal Ocean Desalination Project site, which is currently under study.

Through leadership and representation at Metropolitan, MWDOC works to ensure water reliability and cost effectiveness for Orange County. This includes strong advocacy on issues such as water resource planning, design of Metropolitan water facilities, development of imported water rates and charges, and sponsorship of statewide water policy that supports regional reliability. MWDOC has secured more than $260 million for programs that support and improve Orange County’s system reliability and reduce our dependence on imported water supplies. In addition, MWDOC and its client agencies have become recognized leaders in water use efficiency and recycling.
MWDOC has created award-winning programs that target all water users. Through an innovative, multi-agency approach, MWDOC develops, implements, and evaluates water use efficiency programs that provide multiple benefits, including irrigation efficiency and pollution prevention. Our programs include educational classes on water-wise landscaping, irrigation performance reporting, water use surveys for hotels and industrial customers, and consumer incentives for water-efficient devices. To evaluate the effectiveness of such devices, MWDOC conducts studies to monitor water savings and urban runoff reduction. Through these water use efficiency programs, Orange County saves more than 23.6 billion gallons of water each year. 
MWDOC is committed to keeping Orange County informed of current water issues, water-saving opportunities, and special events through its public information and outreach programs. Our monthly electronic newsletter, eCurrents, provides subscribers with important and timely information about our water supply, pending legislation and policy issues, and water use efficiency activities. MWDOC also presents Water Policy Forums and co-sponsors the annual O.C. Water Summit to engage local elected officials, community and business leaders, and water industry professionals about the major water issues affecting Orange County. Additionally, MWDOC develops public service announcements, participates in community events, and provides informational materials to the public.
MWDOC is a longtime leader in water education for students. We were one of the first water districts in California to offer a water education school program when the program launched in 1973. Today, through a partnership with Discovery Science Center, we have provided nearly three million Orange County students with grade-specific lessons that focus on topics like the water cycle, forms of water, and water as an environmental resource. Another feature of our education program is the annual Poster and Slogan Contest, which encourages students to express ways to save water through drawings or words. The winning posters and slogans are featured in an annual water education calendar that is distributed to Orange County elementary schools. Encouraging students to save 20 gallons of water per day, the O.C. Water Hero program (co-sponsored by Orange County Water District) provides students with water conservation kits to make saving water fun.
     School program mascot Ricki Raindrop reminds                               O.C. Water Hero program mascot Wiley Water 
   Orange County students to save water year-round.                                  Hero rewards O.C.'s youngest water savers.
The Water Emergency Response Organization of Orange County (WEROC), administered by MWDOC, coordinates emergency response and mutual aid planning for all Orange County water and wastewater agencies. WEROC provides its member agencies and volunteer staff with emergency preparedness and response training. In the event of a major emergency affecting Orange County, these volunteers would mobilize at the WEROC emergency operations centers to coordinate response. WEROC works closely with the County of Orange, the Orange County Fire Authority, the California Department of Public Health, and other entities to ensure a holistic approach and a well-coordinated emergency response.